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The IDEA Project finished in January 2010. Community Technology Skills Program continues in Russia within Your Course: Digital Literacy Project under Microsoft's initiative Your Course (Tvoy Kurs). Please follow our news and development at ycdl.ph-int.org
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12.04.2013  Saratov

Skype for Senior Citizens

As part of GOW13, Third Age University students attended a Skype for Senior Citizens seminar. Retirees who have already completed the Tvoy Kurs training and received their Digital Literacy Certificates, continue their digital journey under the guidance of the University’s Resource Center team, not only getting more and more interested in opportunities, provided by modern technologies, but also taking more and more initiative in trying to get the hang of them.

12.04.2013  Tomsk

European Campaign in Russian Siberia

The Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth Center of A.S. Pushkin library in Tomsk held a vocational guidance seminar for students from public schools # 2 and 56, with a focus on IT-related jobs. Multimedia presentations introduced the students to the current situation on the IT labor market. The students learned that the most popular careers are in programming and software development; that specialists that are most in demand are PHP programmers and web-developers; and that in IT there are two résumés for every vacancy, while over the last year the number of jobs for young IT specialists had increased by 60%. They also learned about the job of a software evangelist, virtually unknown in Russia but very popular in America and Europe.

In conclusion, the students were offered an opportunity to take a few online tests, including a career aptitude test, the Guess the Job test from My Education website, and the Skillage test, that helps young people to see whether they know how to use ICT skills in work situations. The students appreciated the training, saying that it was informative, helpful and very relevant. For our Tvoy Kurs Center it was the first career guidance event for high school students, and we are very happy that it went so well.

12.04.2013  Volgograd

GOW 2013 in Volgograd Libraries

Russia took II place in the European Get Online Week 2013, which had the total of 99,051 users: during the week, Russia got 15,342 votes, including the sizable 3,904 votes in 67 libraries of the city of Volgograd, small towns and rural communities of the Volgograd region.

12.04.2013  Vologda

Get Online Week at the Orphanage

Over the years of partnering with a local orphanage, Vologda central research library has held many recreational and educational events for the children and their caregivers, and often invited them to participate in its campaigns and initiatives. In November and December 2012 and January 2013, most workers of the orphanage successfully completed the Tvoy Kurs digital literacy training, receiving Your Course Digital Literacy Certificates.

05.04.2013  Volgograd

Video conference bridged students from Volgograd region during the Get Online Week 2013

It has become tradition in the Volgograd State Agricultural University to hold video conferences during the European Get Online Week. In 2013 the idea of holding a video conference was supported by the schools of Alexeev and Novonikolaevsk municipal districts in Volgograd , Department of Education of Novonikolaevsk, and Kalach Vocational Boarding School for students with disabilities.

04.04.2013  Ulyanovsk

GOW 2013 in Ulyanovsk

It is the fourth time Ulyanovsk residents actively vote for Russia in the GOW online voting contest and 276 new online users out of Russia's total 15 342 got online due to their efforts!

03.04.2013  Volgograd

Get Online Week Achievements

The Volgograd State Agricultural University joined GOW 2013, offering Skillage testing and holding a great number of ICR seminars, training events and workshops on ICT skills for work. study, social networking, organizing videoconferecnes and volunteer campaigns.

03.04.2013  Togliatti

First Steps into the IT World

High school students of Togliatti made their first steps into the world of Information Technologies. They took part in the city-wide IT contests designed and held by Togliattu State University and Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project participants.

31.03.2013  Novokuznetsk

Novokuznetsk Achievements in Get Online Week 2013!

The Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center trainers have analyzed the outcomes of the Get Online Week 2013 campaign in Novokuznetsk and were impressed to find out that 4,553 people participated in the GOW activities organized by the center surpassing the 350 citizens that the center expected.

26.03.2013  Saratov

Microsoft Day for Students of Saratov State University of Economics and Social Studies

As part of GOW13, the regional Tvoy Kurs Resource Center at Saratov State University of Economics and Social Studies invited the university’s students to attend Microsoft Day, whose purpose was to introduce young people to opportunities, provided by Microsoft for users’ self-improvement in the area of IT, including free training courses and exams (Microsoft IT Academy) as well as numerous contests and projects.

04.02.2013  Moscow

“Your Course: Digital Literacy” Project Completes in January 2013 with over 280,000 people trained

“Your Course: Digital Literacy” (Tvoy Kurs) project, conducted by PH International (Project Harmony, Inc.) and Microsoft, together with partner organizations in more than 100 cities across Russia as part of a Microsoft Tvoy Kurs initiative, was completed in January 2013.

The project focused on training in basic computer skills for socially vulnerable citizens: the unemployed, pensioners, people with disabilities, people with low income and young people in difficult life situations. The training was carried out in computer literacy training centers hosted at universities, libraries, NGOs, and other organizations. Gaining ICT knowledge, coupled with access to the Internet and modern information technology, helps citizens to benefit from the country's e-government services that are aimed at tackling the unemployment, increasing their competitiveness in the labor market. For the people with disabilities who acquired ICT skills, this is a step on the path to social inclusion and a more fulfilling life in our modern world.

During the implementation of the initiative from February 2010 to January 2013 more than 280,000 people attended Tvoy Kurs courses and seminars. This included more than 137,000 who received Digital Literacy certificates to prove their knowledge.

The project received recognition and support right across the Russian regions, where regional programs to modernize the economy and the information society were delivered in partnership with the local authorities. The training was given not only to socially disadvantaged citizens, but also to municipal officials, health workers, school teachers and preschool child carers, experts of cultural institutions, and heads of territorial government.

Thanks to cooperation with Telecentre-Europe, the European Association of ICT centers, and Telecentre.org, the global foundation for ICT centers, Tvoy Kurs centers were actively involved in international competitions and campaigns.

Six Tvoy Kurs center coordinators were included in the list of 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers in 2011. Our coordinators became the best telecentre managers in Eurasia and Europe.

Additionally, annual participation in the European Get Online Week allowed thousands of Russian citizens to get acquainted with the resources of the Internet and take their first steps in the world of information technology. Wonderful stories from all over Russia can be found in the Russian Get Online Week 2012 report, which won the Telecentre-Europe award.

PH International and Tvoy Kurs project staff hopes that after the completion of the "Your Course: Digital Literacy " project partner organizations will continue to deliver public ICT education. All of the materials developed under the project will continue to be available to partners on this website. Also it will be possible to still register and print certificates from the site.

The project staff express their sincere gratitude to colleagues and partners for their work in the project and the contribution that they have made to the development of the information society in Russia.

We are pleased that many of the centers have joined the new project "Your Course: IT for Youth" under the framework of the Microsoft Youth Spark, its new youth education initiative, and will so continue to work to teach computer literacy. Follow all the news on the new project website www.it4youth.ru.

We wish all of our Tvoy Kurs partner organizations new and interesting projects, prosperity and well-being!

12.12.2012  Moscow

Winners of the Tvoy Kurs Contest for the Best Youth Volunteer Initiative

We finally have the results of the Tvoy Kurs contest for the Best Youth Volunteer Initiative. It was designed to support and promote youth volunteer projects and aimed at ensuring better public access to digital technologies. Each of the presented projects is unique and valuable in its own right and can be implemented in any region of Russia where people have little or no access to digital literacy training. Many thanks to all the contest participants for their submissions!

The winners of the contest are:

1st place: Discover (Volgograd)
2nd place: Inclusive e-Environment (Novokuznetsk)
3rd place: Digital Literacy for Veterans (Togliatti)

(You can learn more about the winning projects by following the links above).

Our congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants. We are in awe of your enthusiasm and your ability to provide effective digital literacy training for people of different ages and backgrounds, to implement volunteer projects, and to get young people involved in this noble undertaking.

Svetlana Lebedeva, the director of the winning project from Novokuznetsk, has written about the importance of such campaigns for Tvoy Kurs volunteers: “Such projects give our young volunteers an additional incentive for self-development and self-actualization and provide them with hands-on training in active citizenship, leadership, ethical thinking, and character development.”

We are certain that you and your young volunteers will go on to conquer new heights and together we will see many interesting and important projects and campaigns, which are now badly needed in Russia’s cities and regions.

05.12.2012  Moscow

“Teach Your Family” Campaign: The Results Are In!

Teach Your Family, a contest for volunteers and young Tvoy Kurs trainers, was aimed at empowering young computer users to provide digital literacy training for those who have little access to ICT training, specially targeting senior citizens. Tvoy Kurs coordinators sent in fifteen submissions, telling wonderful stories about their young volunteers who are actively involved in providing digital literacy training for their family members.

The winners of the contest are:

Ilya Malyshkin (Tambov) as The Best Young Trainer
Nika Nikiforova (Balakovo) for Personal Contribution
Angelina Bagriy (Novokuznetsk) for Creative Approach to Training
Timur Ibadov and Maksim Klevtzov (Kaliningrad) as The Best Team
Anastasia Sokolova (Kaliningrad) for Effective Training.

Our congratulations to the winners on their outstanding achievement and their important contributions to addressing the digital gap. We are proud of your success, your creativity and care for those around you, and your active involvement in the public sphere. We hope that in the future you will continue spreading digital literacy and participating in other social campaigns and projects!

We would like to introduce each of the young volunteers personally

18.09.2012  Saint-Petersburg

Chinese Delegation at the St. Petersburg Educational Center

On September 17, 2012 a delegation of the Association for the Disabled from the People's Republic of China (PRC) Province of Zhejang, headed by Association President Chen Yianpin, visited the St. Petersburg Professional Rehabilitation Center. The goal of the visit was to establish co-operation and share expertise on the professional and social rehabilitation of the disabled, their re-training, and job placement.

24.07.2012  Krasnoufimsk

A Hobby That Makes Money!

Make money with the help of your hobby and your friends' knowledge! If you can marinate cucumbers or knit beautiful clothes - create a videolesson or write a book and then sell it online.

What is the infoproduct? What types of infoproduct exist - e-books, audiobooks, video lessons, anything else?
All of this was presented at the Krasnoufimsk digital literacy center at a special workshop.

19.06.2012  Tomsk

Digital Literacy Training Made More Accessible to Tomsk Region Residents

On 18-19 June 2012, the Tomsk Tvoy Kurs Center held a Digital Literacy course for leading specialists from municipal libraries of the region, training them to be Tvoy Kurs trainers in their own rural communities. The trainees spent two days learning to navigate the Digital Literacy Curriculum, its study materials, practical assignments and check-ups, hoping to turn their own rural libraries into Tvoy Kurs sites.

14.06.2012  Krasnoyarsk

320 Krasnoyarsk Region Residents Learn about Online Threat Protection

On 1 – 5 June 2012, the libraries of Krasnoyarsk region held an online safety campaign for secondary school and vocational school students and their parents. The campaign was coordinated by the Krasnoyarsk Tvoy Kurs Center and included online safety lessons (“Safe Internet,” “Young Internet Users,” My Friend Safe Internet”) and special presentations for parents “Your Children Online” on ten different sites.

10.06.2012  Arkhangelsk

Volunteers to Train Deaf Users in Archangelsk Region

On 8 – 10 June 2012, the Archangelsk Tvoy Kurs Center held a three day workshop for volunteer trainers with a good knowledge of sign language, who will be facilitating Digital Literacy courses for people with hearing impairment in Kotlas, Archangelsk and Severodvinsk through the rest of the year.

10.06.2012  Balakovo

Internet Safety Campaign in Balakovo, Saratov Region: Fun and Learning

Right before school was out for the summer vacation, the longest and the best loved of all, educators of Balakovo, Saratov region, assisted by the team of the Tvoy Kurs Center, developed and held a series of events reminding the children about rules of safety, including safety in the street, on the road, on the water and online.

09.06.2012  Novokuznetsk

Looking to Partners for Help

Analyzing feedback from their seminars in e-citizenship and e-government services, the team of the Tvoy Kurs Center of N. V. Gogol central library network in Novokuznetsk saw time and again that the general level of legal literacy in their community left much to be desired, and their seminars alone wouldn’t be sufficient to improve the situation. They decided it was time to look for help to their partners: N. V. Gogol library’s own Center for Legal Information and the local Legal Aid Agency. Now Tvoy Kurs trainees and visitors are offered not only digital literacy training, but also the use of legal databases “Consultant Plus” and “Garant” and legal consultations with experienced lawyers who have launched a free legal clinic at the library.

07.06.2012  Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk Tvoy Kurs Staff Organize Internet Safety Training for Children and Adults

The Tvoy Kurs Center of Chelyabinsk municipal library organized a series of events In honor of International Children’s Day, training local children and adults in Internet safety.

07.06.2012  Volgograd

420 Children, Parents and Teachers Introduced to Online Safety Rules in Volgograd Region Libraries

On 31 May – 5 June 2012, the libraries of Volgograd region held a series of online safety events for children, their parents, grandparents and teachers. The libraries of Svetloyarsk district proved to be the most productive: 239 children were introduced to the campaign’s feature presentations “The Tale of the Almighty Internet,” “Online Safety Lessons” and “Media Safety,” participating in quizzes and discussing potentially dangerous situations. All the children received printed booklets about rules of Internet use for further reference.

06.06.2012  Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Volunteers Conduct Summer Digital Literacy School for Senior Citizens

On 5 June 2012 the Kaliningrad municipal IT Center launched its seventh annual Summer Computer School, for the first time introducing a training course for senior citizens. The new course will be facilitated by the IT Center’s alumni who volunteer as IT trainers for underserved users and have experience in conducting Digital Literacy training within the Tvoy Kurs project.

28.05.2012  Saratov

Tvoy Kurs Volunteers to Work in Children’s Summer Camps

The Tvoy Kurs Center of Saratov State University for Social and Economic Studies organized training for students who are preparing to work as counselors in local summer camps, encouraging them to become Tvoy Kurs volunteers. All participants of the regional Tvoy Kurs camp counselors’ training seminar were invited to attend Digital Literacy sessions, complete the Curriculum, take the final test and receive the Digital Literacy Certificate. Tvoy Kurs coordinator Galina Sumina also introduced them to the “Best Youth Initiative” contest and talked about ways of developing independent volunteer projects.

10.04.2012  Tambov

Open Internet Doors Week

On 26-30 March 2012, as part of European Get Online Week, the ORT-Kesher Center, which runs the Tvoy Kurs program in Tambov, held Open Internet Doors Week at the Tambov Vocational College of Trade Technologies, targeting both students and local residents, with special emphasis on job seekers, parents and teachers of secondary school students, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

More than 400 people attended various events held during the week and registered on the Get Online Week website. Regular viewing of the map of participating events and numbers of participants for different countries proved an important incentive for first-time Internet users.

06.04.2012  Volgograd

Get Online Week in Volgograd Region

Voting for Russia!
In Volgograd region European Get Online Week was launched on 26 March 2012 at the Pobeda Press Center of the regional administration. The press conference primarily focused on using the resources of the region’s library network to provide local communities with digital literacy training and access to e-government services.

On 26 – 30 March 2012 79 libraries of Volgograd region (not counting the Tvoy Kurs Center in Volzhsky) organized and held 166 seminars in Internet literacy.

As a result, almost 3,700 users cast their votes for Russia during European Get Online Week.

05.04.2012  Volgograd

Get Online Week - Honoring WWII Heroes

Participants in Volgograd
As part of the European Get Online Week, Volgograd State Agricultural University held several video conferences, but the one between Volgograd and Novosibirsk proved especially significant for all its facilitators and participants. The two cities have many important connections, but one that still looms the largest in people’s minds is that more than 200 army divisions from Siberia took part in the epic WWII Battle for Stalingrad (as Volgograd was named before), and one of them, 35 Guards Division, is known to all the staff, faculty members and students of the Agricultural University, since the division protected the very place where the university’s campus stands today.

05.04.2012  Saratov

Get Online Week in Saratov State University for Economics and Social Sciences

During European Get Online Week in Saratov 278 local residents attended its various events, held at the Tvoy Kurs Center of Saratov State University for Economics and Social Sciences, whose doors were always open for students, faculty members, children and all other interested visitors.

03.04.2012  Krasnoufimsk

And Then I Saw the Internet – Now I’m a Freelancer!

Retiree Valentina Loginova from Krasnoyfimsk wants to become a freelancer, taking orders and selling her unique handmade crafts online. She made the decision after attending the Jobs Online seminar, organized by the Paluba ICT Center on 29 March 2012 as part of the European Get Online Week.

02.04.2012  Togliatti

Digital Literacy Campaign in Тogliatti

On 26 – 30 March 2012 various schools and universities of Togliatti, Samara, Syzran’ and Stavropol district took part in the European Get Online Week, with no less than nine organizations joining their efforts in order to introduce the area’s residents to the digital civilization.
As a result, trainees have became a bit more competent in e-skills and stopped looking at computers as at magic boxes, while trainers have discovered their new talents. Get Online Week in Togliatti spread not only to the nearby villages and settlements, but also to the capital of the region - the city of Samara and to the capital of tomatoes - Syzran'. Besides traditional activities, the Tvoy Kurs center initiatied Teach Your Family campaign when schoolchildren and students trained their relatives in basic skills.
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