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The IDEA Project finished in January 2010. Community Technology Skills Program continues in Russia within Your Course: Digital Literacy Project under Microsoft's initiative Your Course (Tvoy Kurs). Please follow our news and development at
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divider Institute of the Information Society Deems “Quite Significant” the IDEA Project’s Contribution to Overcoming Digital Divide in Russia

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Stockholm Challenge

Stockholm Challenge Finalist

12.04.2013 Saratov

Skype for Senior Citizens

As part of GOW13, Third Age University students attended a Skype for Senior Citizens seminar. Retirees who have already completed the Tvoy Kurs training and received their Digital Literacy Certificates, continue their digital journey under the guidance of the University’s Resource Center team, not only getting more and more interested in opportunities, provided by modern technologies, but also taking more and more initiative in trying to get the hang of them.

12.04.2013 Tomsk

European Campaign in Russian Siberia

The Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth Center of A.S. Pushkin library in Tomsk held a vocational guidance seminar for students from public schools # 2 and 56, with a focus on IT-related jobs. Multimedia presentations introduced the students to the current situation on the IT labor market. The students learned that the most popular careers are in programming and software development; that specialists that are most in demand are PHP programmers and web-developers; and that in IT there are two résumés for every vacancy, while over the last year the number of jobs for young IT specialists had increased by 60%. They also learned about the job of a software evangelist, virtually unknown in Russia but very popular in America and Europe.

In conclusion, the students were offered an opportunity to take a few online tests, including a career aptitude test, the Guess the Job test from My Education website, and the Skillage test, that helps young people to see whether they know how to use ICT skills in work situations. The students appreciated the training, saying that it was informative, helpful and very relevant. For our Tvoy Kurs Center it was the first career guidance event for high school students, and we are very happy that it went so well.

12.04.2013 Volgograd

GOW 2013 in Volgograd Libraries

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Russia took II place in the European Get Online Week 2013, which had the total of 99,051 users: during the week, Russia got 15,342 votes, including the sizable 3,904 votes in 67 libraries of the city of Volgograd, small towns and rural communities of the Volgograd region.

12.04.2013 Vologda

Get Online Week at the Orphanage

Over the years of partnering with a local orphanage, Vologda central research library has held many recreational and educational events for the children and their caregivers, and often invited them to participate in its campaigns and initiatives. In November and December 2012 and January 2013, most workers of the orphanage successfully completed the Tvoy Kurs digital literacy training, receiving Your Course Digital Literacy Certificates.

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